Displaying the number of students in a list on a form

You can now include the number of students in a certain list on a form.

To do so, create a message field and include [list_LISTID], replacing LISTID by the id of the list of students/applicants. (You can find this number in any list url, for example https://econsort.ugent.be/admin_index.asp?act=my_list2&id=8679.)

Example of a message description:
Number of students attending the reception: [list_8679]

Number of students attending the reception: 19

[This can be an interesting option when you’re working with fieldrules (Settings > Fieldrules), a function that allows you to automatically put a student in a list based on the choice field option selected by that student.]



Report restrictions

You can restrict the students visible in a report that you apply by setting the value Restriction in the report settings:

  • no student will display the people whose status hasn’t been updated to student yet (= both submitted and unsubmitted applications)
  • student will display the people whose statuses have been updated to student
  • submitted application will only display the people who have submitted their application
  • unsubmitted application will display the people who haven’t submitted yet

Publishing an overview of all teachers on the website

EConsort allows you to publish an overview of all teachers involved in your programme on your EConsort website.

This process involves 2 steps.
Step 1
Add all teachers to the teacher overview in Courses > Add teacher.

Step 2
Insert the following hyperlink on your website: DOMAIN_NAME/index.asp?mod=people.
for the IMFSE programme, the link would be http://www.imfse.ugent.be/index.asp?mod=people.
This link will display an overview of all teachers involved in your programme:

New function: blocking a form category on the student pages

It’s now possible to block the edit of a complete form category when that form is linked to a list of students’ student pages.

To do so, click the pencil next to the form category in the database manager:

In the form category settings, set Block this category on student pages to yes:

The category will now be blocked for any student who can access it through a form linked on his/her student pages, no matter the edit rights the student has been given.

New function: adding the resulted records of the comparison of lists to the basket

The list function Compare with other list allows you to make a comparison between two lists. The result is an overview of this comparison displaying the members common to both lists, the members unique to list a and the members unique to list b.

From now on, it is possible to save every resulted list by adding the included records to the basket:

Note: Make sure to empty the basket before using this function if you want to limit the list content to the resulted records.
(If not the records will be added to the ones already in it.)