New function: documents as bulk mail attachments

It is now possible to add a document to a bulk mail as an attachment.

There are 2 options:

  1. Add an external document by clicking Extra attachment > Choose file.
  2. Send a personalised version of an EConsort document to every student on the selected list by checking Send personalised document as PDF and selecting the document in the list.
    All students from the list the mail is sent to will in this case receive a personalised version of the EConsort document, attached to the mail.

Good luck!


Evaluating applications using EConsort

There are 3 ways to evaluate applicants or students:
1. Use the standard evalution criteria option
This method is the most simple one and allows you to enter a set of criteria by which all users can evaluate applicants. You can define the criteria in in Settings > Evaluation criteria. A different weigth can be assigned to each criterion.

2. Use one evaluation form for all users
This option allows you to create an evaluation form that will define the evaluation of students. All users can evaluate using one and the same form.

Be sure to set the General Form Type in The general form settings to EVALUATION FORM.
Only then can this evaluation form be set to the standard evaluation form in the special form options.

3. Use an evaluation form for every user
This option allows you to assign different forms to the users, which makes it possible to assign the evaluation a specific domain to a specific user.

To do so, simply assign the form to a user for a specific list of students.

No matter which option you choose: start off by choosing the evaluation method of your choice in Admin settings > Server settings.

Users can access the evaluation of a student or applicant by clicking the evaluation box icon evaluation.

New function: mailing several lists or a selection of students

Good news for your tired fingers!
Mailing several lists of students or a selection of students is now made more efficient.

How does it work?
1. Go to Send bulk email (in Applications or Students).
2. Add a list to the recipients by selecting it and clicking Add selected list.
Note that selecting a list will also load all the students it contains, allowing you to select and add students one at a time with the button Add selected student.
3. Repeat step 2 until the list of recipients is complete.
4. Complete the body of your mail specify the other needed settings and hit the send button!

Header image in a document

When adding an header image to a document, setting its width to 915 pixels will result in a ‘neat’ A4 export.

The image settings are displayed after double-clicking it:

[The language of the text editor interface depends on your browser’s settings. ]

New function: receiving daily updates

Set Receive daily updates (in Admin settings > Email settings) to YES to receive a daily mail including an overview of new applicantsnew submitted applications and updated website pages.
(This overview also includes updates on student stories and frequently asked questions, functions that are less common.)

New function: linking a course to a list of students

The option Link course to students, found in the list options overview displayed when clicking the magnifying glass next to a list name, allows you to link a course to a whole list of students with a single click.

The programme’s courses are displayed alphabetically and for each course, the respective cohort is displayed:

Make sure you link a list of students to a course that matches the students’ curriculum
(e.g. linking a cohort 2017 student to a course linked to 2011 doesn’t make a lot of sense).

Displaying the number of students in a list on a form

You can now include the number of students in a certain list on a form.

To do so, create a message field and include [list_LISTID], replacing LISTID by the id of the list of students/applicants. (You can find this number in any list url, for example

Example of a message description:
Number of students attending the reception: [list_8679]

Number of students attending the reception: 19

[This can be an interesting option when you’re working with fieldrules (Settings > Fieldrules), a function that allows you to automatically put a student in a list based on the choice field option selected by that student.]